New Things To Explore Coming Soon!

Days Gone By is continuing to expand the number of ways we can serve and interact with our community. Here you’ll find projects that are in the works or on our timeline, with new details announced as they become available. Want to keep up with what’s coming next? Sign up for our newsletter for important updates and announcements!


Community Classes

The Days Gone By Marketplace will eventually have a place for hosting free classes on a wide variety of topics of interest to the community. This might include classes on photography, various arts and crafts, and other special interests. We hope to offer these classes for free or at most the cost of any needed supplies.

Do you have a class you’d be interested in teaching? Let us know! It will be a great way to share your talents, pass on your wisdom, and connect with people interested in what you love doing.

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The Days Gone By Marketplace

The Days Gone By Marketplace will be a great place to buy antiques, jewelry, books, collectibles, and more. The Marketplace will be open to interior decorators, designers, and the general public, and will include:

  • In-store shopping

  • Online shopping

  • Ice cream and coffee bar

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Wishing you could better incorporate a trip to the museum into your school plans? We’re working on curriculum for grades 3-12 that will provide more in-depth knowledge and retention of the history learned throughout the museum. Curriculum will be available to download, tailored to each grade, and tailored to each distinct exhibit.

More Festivals!

Our current Annual Tractor Show and Threshing Festival is so much fun, we hope to add more festivals for great community gatherings throughout the year.